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Even the most conscientious homeowners will be faced with residential roofing concerns at one point or another. Whether you’ve just purchased a new home or have lived in your current one for 25 years, the experts at J. Duncanson roofing have you covered.

We understand that a new roof is a major time and monetary investment, and choosing the right contractors to get the job done right the first time is the best way to protect your home and family.

Most roofs need to be replaced every 20 years, although the actual life span of a roofing system is affected by a variety of factors, including climate conditions, proper roof system design, building material quality, proper workmanship and adequate maintenance.

Texas homeowners need to be especially meticulous about roofing concerns, as the brutal Texas climate can have devastating effects on your home’s exterior. A new, energy efficient roof may qualify for a tax credit as well as save you money on your home’s energy costs.

All too often, homeowners wait until there is a leak or serious damage occurs before they consult someone about their roofing needs. Periodic inspection and maintenance can lead to fewer headaches down the road and identify necessary areas of repair, such as cracked or missing shingles or faulty gutters. Don’t wait until it’s too late- let the team at J. Duncanson Roofing take care of all of your roofing needs.

Replacing a roof may seem like a daunting and overwhelming project. But the experienced and professional team at J. Duncanson roofing will walk you through the entire process, from initial inspection, to insurance paperwork and ensuring that the work site is cleaned up.

Residential Roofing

J. Duncanson is a Fort Worth roofing company that specializes in residential roof repairs and replacement.

Commercial Roofing

J. Duncanson is a Fort Worth roofing company that specializes in commercial roof repairs and replacement.